There are three ways to connect plastic pipe.


Plastic pipe is relatively light in material and easy to install, so it is often used in home decoration. There are three ways to connect the plastic pipe, which will be introduced below.

1. Water pipe connection method of sealing rubber ring

The plastic pipe connection method of the plastic pipe manufacturer is generally suitable for large-diameter pipes. Generally, this method can be used for pipes with a pipe diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm. Of course, it is better to use a flexible sealing ring to connect. The premise is that the flaring of the selected pipe or fitting must be an R-shaped flaring, instead of a flat flaring. At present, the most commonly used sealant ring is the rubber ring. When installing the plastic pipe indoors, put the rubber ring into the expanded R-shaped flaring, and then apply a layer of lubricant to the edge, and then remove the water pipe from the socket Just insert it.


2. Bonding connection method

The connection method of the plastic pipe manufacturer is more suitable for the pipe with the diameter of the plastic pipe less than 100, and the bonding method of the union is also available. To use this connection method for the decoration materials of the Plastic pipe, one of the most important parts is glue, that is, PVC glue and joints. The pipes with the same flat opening are better connected. When using adhesive for bonding, the pipe socket must be rounded to form a bevel. At the same time, attention must be paid to the flatness of the fracture and the vertical axis. Only in this case can Plastic Pipe hardware and building materials are firmly bonded, and there will be no water leakage in the process of future use.

3. Flange connection method

Generally, the connection of water pipes in the sewer or other pipelines will be metal pipes, and the flange connection method is used to connect the metal pipe and the plastic pipe, of course, it also includes the front and back of the water pipe valve and the pipe. Connection. When the plastic pipe is connected in this way, the flanges will also come in various forms, mainly including necked flanges and flexible flanges. For the former, plastic gun welding can be used to connect the plastic pipe; for the latter, it is only necessary to weld a stop ring to the end of the water pipe when in use, but this stop ring also has corresponding fittings. Attention should also be paid when choosing.

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