How to properly use aluminum foil in microwave in microwave oven


aluminum foil in microwavee is a very good material used in microwave ovens to ensure good and uniform heat transfer. It can be used in different occasions, for example, it can be used in traditional ovens and microwave ovens, and can be used for grilling.

Of course, in addition to grilling, the aluminum container in microwave can also protect food from scorching. It is also very suitable for packaging of refrigerators, refrigerators and fresh foods. Containers heated at high temperatures will not overflow harmful substances to contaminate food; this is any disposable What the container can't do.

 Despite such environmental protection and safety, there are some precautions when using an aluminum container in microwave: For example, the container must be filled with food. If it is not filled up, there is a risk of scorching. Remember to remove the aluminum foil cover when heating, otherwise the food will not be heated. If the food must be covered, use a plate or microwave adhesive film.

aluminum foil in microwave

Never remember that metal and metal cannot touch each other. The aluminum container in microwave can neither touch the furnace wall, door or bottom, nor other metal parts. Otherwise, the arc may damage the microwave oven. Also, do not use plates with gold and silver trim. The aluminum foil container needs to be kept at a distance of 2 cm from the furnace wall or other aluminum foil containers. For example, the aluminum foil container can be placed on a porcelain dish. Do not use a bent or damaged aluminum foil container. Do not reuse the aluminum foil container. Please update and recycle after cleaning.

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