What Do The Four-piece Quilt Comforter Sets Refer To?


The four-piece quilt comforter sets refers to the essentials for bed use when sleeping. It mainly includes two pillow cases, a quilt cover and a bed sheet. Most of the materials are pure cotton, and there are silk cotton and fiber. The four-piece set on the bed occupies an important position in home life. According to the differences of the four seasons, there are many differences in the types of fabrics of the four-piece set.

The fabric structure of four-piece sheets is generally divided into plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, and jacquard. Low-grade plain weave products have many intertwined points, firm texture, flat surface, the same appearance effect on the front and back, and good abrasion resistance and breathability. Twill fabric is a more common mid-range product, with longer floating lines and a soft feel. Tissue fabrics are denser and the product is thicker. Satin fabrics are mostly used in middle-to-high-grade bedding, with soft texture, smooth and shiny fabric.

What fabrics do the four-piece sheets have?
Cotton fabric
Pure cotton fabric is considered as a comfortable fabric, and it is the most common four-piece fabric in the family.
Advantages: Absorbs water, sweat and sticks to the skin, and does not have any irritating properties to human skin. Cotton fabrics dominate the bedding. In the cold winter, cotton fabrics have better warmth, giving a soft and comfortable feel as a whole, and the price of cotton bedding is also moderate.
Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage of cotton fabrics is that they will shrink after frequent cleaning.

Linen fabric
Advantages: Linen sheets make it easier to fall asleep than cotton sheets, and they sleep soundly and deeply. Examination of the skin showed that the type of linen bedding had no irritation to the skin, reduced skin temperature and muscle tension, and the linen fabric also had the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth.
Disadvantages: The bedding of linen fabric feels rough, and it is generally used as a bed cover during the day, or as a nursing bed sheet on a mattress.

Polyester fabric
Polyester fabric is a blended fiber, which is a blend of some natural fibers and chemical fibers. Both the comfort of natural fibers and the durability of chemical fibers.
Advantages: Low cost, good color fastness, bright colors, good shape retention, and more durable.
Disadvantages: Easy to pilling, easy to electrostatic, poor affinity.

• Brushed Fabric
The brushed fabric is a high-grade combed cotton. During the post-processing, the fabric is brushed to make the surface of the fabric have a certain velvet feel and improve the fabric feel.
Advantages: Sanding is also called sanding, which can make warp and weft yarns produce hairs at the same time, and the hairs are short and dense, the suede is flat, the hand feels full and soft, rich in suede, and the luster is soft without aurora.
Disadvantages: Because the brushed cotton products are made of cotton fibers and lack elasticity, cotton clothing will be easily deformed, and it is easy to stick to wool and difficult to remove completely. Not only that, the brushed fabric is also particularly afraid of acid. When the concentrated sulfuric acid contaminates the cotton, the cotton will be burned into holes.

Bamboo Fiber Fabric
Bamboo fiber fabric belongs to a new type of fabric. It is made from natural moso bamboo as raw material and digested by hydrolysis.
Advantages: Because the cross section of the bamboo fiber is covered with oval gaps, it has good air permeability, and it is cool and comfortable for people to sleep on it. Bamboo fiber is a natural fiber that can produce negative ions and far infrared rays, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism.
Disadvantages: During the weaving process, due to the characteristics of easy absorption of bamboo fiber, large wet elongation and large plastic deformation, it is very easy to be brittle. 100% bamboo fiber in manufacturing has not solved the shrinkage problem well.

Silk Fabric
Advantages: The most high-end fabric is silk fabric. Silk fabric has gorgeous appearance, richness, natural soft light and glittering effect, feels comfortable, high strength, better elasticity and moisture absorption than cotton, etc.
Disadvantages: Easy to soil, and less heat resistant to strong sunlight than cotton.

Still have to learn to maintain a variety of bedding in order to make them last longer.


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