What are the characteristics and advantages of extension springs?


1. Features and advantages of extension springs

(1) Tension spring is no stranger to everyone. Do you really know tension springs? In fact, the extension spring is a common metal part that is often used in nursing equipment, some hand tools, computers and other industries. It has a wide range of uses. So what are the advantages and characteristics of the extension spring?
(2) Under normal circumstances, when the tension spring is not under pressure, the tension springs are equal, there is no gap between each circle and each circle, and the connection is very tight. The working principle of extension springs is exactly the opposite of compression springs. Compression springs have a reverse effect when there is pressure, while extension springs have a reverse effect when stretched. When the tension spring is pulled back, the spring wants to pull back, which creates a force.


(3) The tension spring can absorb and store energy. The difference between a tension spring and a compression spring is that under a certain tension or no tension, the initial state of the spring determines the tightness of the tension spring. This can control the initial force to meet unconditional requirements. The two ends of the extension spring are fixed to other parts, and when these parts are separated, the extension spring works. Each circle is tightly connected to produce strong tensile resistance, thereby connecting these parts together.
(4) These spring rings are tightly connected and there is no tension. The spring closure includes hooks hanging on other parts, as well as holes and geometric interfaces. Fixing these to the parts to be connected is not a problem, so when there is tension, it will provide a certain degree of elasticity for these parts.

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