Plum blossom type elastic coupling


Plum-shaped elastic coupling is a kind of high-speed miniature coupling product among coupling parts. Because of its simple processing technology and low price, it is deeply loved by new and old customers. Whether the coupling transmission parts need to be processed by precision machine tools depends mainly on the working environment.


If the quincunx elastic coupling is used as a coupling component with an excessively high speed, it is necessary to use a precision machine tool to process the coupling product. The main reason is that too high speed will cause the coupling elastic body to heat up. Since the size of the coupling plum claws processed by precision machine tools is evenly divided, the elastic body is heated evenly, so the service life of the coupling transmission parts will be greatly increased.

If it is used in the case of a plum blossom-type elastic coupling processed by ordinary machine tools, the plum blossom claws in the coupling parts will appear uneven and uneven, which will cause the elastic body of the coupling to be unevenly heated , Thereby reducing the service life of coupling transmission parts.


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