Outdoor Sports Products are Very Popular

2020-08-04 www.foyoto.cn

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, the concept of outdoor sports continues to become popular. At present, the "outdoor sports products" of Europe, the United States, South Korea and Japan account for 15-20% of sports goods, and the outdoor sports The supplies industry is currently only a small part of the domestic sports goods market, accounting for only one thousandth of the entire sports goods market. Although China's outdoor industry started late, it has developed rapidly. More and more well-known foreign outdoor sports brands have shifted their market focus to China.

Indoor sports are assisted by coaches, while outdoor sports are indispensable with the assistance of smart devices. According to the consumption trend of online smart outdoor sports watches in the past three years shown in the CBNData "Report", it can be seen that multi-functional outdoor sports watches are increasingly favored by outdoor sportsmen. In addition to the daily activity monitoring functions of sports watches, they are also equipped with electronic compasses. It has functions such as pyrometer, heat resistance, shock resistance, and waterproof. It must be said that it is a "powerful assistant" for outdoor sportsmen.

Foyoto is a manufacturer specializing in outdoor sports products, and is also a leader in the field of outdoor sports products in China. The products produced by the company have good appearance, good quality, durability, and low prices. They are not only popular in the domestic market, but also abroad. The market is also valued and well received by consumers.

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