Dustproof and waterproof of electric chain hoist


The distance between the upper and lower hooks of some ultra-low chain electric hoists is too small, which is very suitable for places with strict requirements on the lifting height. The chain of the Electric Chain hoist is generally equipped with a chain belt, so that the Electric Chain hoist can look neat and beautiful. The chain belt is generally equipped with anti-rust oil, so when the Electric Chain hoist is not used When hoisting, you can also put the chain in the chain bag to prevent the chain from rusting. Extend the service life of the electric hoist.


Some Electric Chain hoists are sturdy and durable, have good dust and water resistance, and are compact and compact in one-time forming of cast aluminum. Moreover, the Electric Chain hoist is equipped with a friction clutch and upper and lower limit switches independently developed to ensure safety, which is convenient and simple to use. The electric hoist is also equipped with a leakage protection device and an overload device. If the weight to be hoisted exceeds the maximum gravity that the electric hoist can withstand, the electric hoist will automatically cut off the electric power, avoiding accidents due to overload, and will not cause damage to the users. hurt.Electric Chain hoist

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