Conference Table


1. Office conference tables have a variety of forms, the specific placement needs to be considered according to the meeting specifications and meeting purposes. Today, follow the Jumia furniture to understand the different office conference table scenarios and placement form it.
2. oval office conference table
For internal meetings, the highest position should be located on the side of the door of the oval conference table. Oval conference table and rectangular conference table is similar, are suitable for internal meetings, but also for communication and sharing of meetings. The shape is more linear, to avoid stereotypes.
3. U-shaped office conference table
U-shaped office conference table general group meeting or unit high-level discussions will be used, appear more hierarchical and grand sense. u-shaped conference table is more suitable for small-scale meetings, suitable for communication and interactive type of meeting, can effectively create a good meeting atmosphere. u-shaped conference table placement: the table will be connected and placed into a rectangle (hollow), at one end of the rectangle does not place the table (opening), chairs placed in The periphery of the table, usually the opening will be placed in the projector table, the middle will usually be placed in the green plant to do decoration.
4. Round office conference table is suitable for small and medium-sized meetings, for internal meetings or multilateral negotiations that avoid the concept of seating. Round conference table deliberately reflect the principle of equality and mutual benefit of participants, downplaying the concept of inferiority or superiority. More convenient for participants to communicate and call for information, but generally applicable to small meetings with a small number of people. In the need to reflect the inferiority level of the meeting, the round office conference table is also inappropriate, because the relatively high position should be seated in the upper seat, face the door position. Features: This table arrangement can be arranged for the size of the meeting room and the number of audience in the arrangement of a certain degree of flexibility; participants can have a table to place information and take notes, but also to accommodate the maximum number of people.

Conference table, is a common modern office supplies.
Conference table is divided into: ordinary small conference table, large conference table. Conference shape is divided into: rectangular style, oval style, horse belly style, round style, and other shaped style.
Modern furniture generally uses the following types of panels.
1. Solid wood board; this board is made directly from pure solid wood, retaining the natural properties of wood. The advantage is beautiful and in line with the inherent perception of furniture, the disadvantage is the high cost and easy to deformation and cracking.
2. Solid wood multi-layer panels; made of solid wood shaved into thin slices and pressed, making better use of wood and saving natural resources. The advantage is to change the physical properties of wood, not easy to deformation and cracking and in line with green environmental protection, and superior moisture resistance, the disadvantage is the high cost.
3. particle board; crushed from solid wood into particles and pressed, completely changed the properties of the original wood, more difficult to deformation and cracking, the disadvantage is that the construction is slightly more difficult because of the gap between the particles, while the moisture resistance is slightly poor.
4. Medium fiber board; crushed from long fiber plants and pressed, with the same physical properties of particle board, but the construction of the dust is large, and moisture resistance is slightly worse.
Most of the board furniture produced by our company use the above three materials as substrate, the surface is coated with melamine, without any odor, no benzene volatilization, and can be put into use immediately after installation, without any harm to human body. Meanwhile, the edges are sealed with high-temperature hot-melt glue, which is solid at room temperature, waterproof and environmentally friendly.

Chengdu Xinxinda Furniture Sales Co., Ltd. is a modern scale enterprise that adopts international new materials and advanced technical equipment from Germany and Italy, and specializes in designing and manufacturing high- and mid-range office furniture series. In the development and growth of the company has always adhered to the principle of closely linking the office environment, activities and humanistic fashion, constantly expanding the boundaries of human office culture, and devoting itself to creating the highest aesthetic value in the future office field.
The company has created a new professional team consisting of R&D team, technical experts, engineers and marketing personnel, and successfully developed the practical, classic, environmentally friendly and cost-effective Xinxinda office furniture brand, and established a perfect after-sales service system. The company took the lead in passing the IS09001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification and five-star after-sales service certification.   
Since its establishment, the company has always put the people-oriented, honest and open-minded business philosophy into all areas of talent, research and development, design, marketing, communication and service; inherit and carry forward the national furniture culture and technology, comprehensive international trends, give full play to the advantages of modern technology, and constantly launch new products that respond to and lead the market; constantly accumulate the core value of the brand. In the field of high- and mid-range office furniture and hotel furniture, Xinxinda has been among the leading enterprises.
From products to services, Xinda people insist on the principles of good materials, fine workmanship and good design; integrity is the promise Xinxinda people always keep. 
Since its establishment, the company has provided suitable office furniture for government departments and many enterprises. All colleagues of the company sincerely hope to join hands with you to help you improve the working environment, improve work efficiency and pave the road to success for you.
Company purpose: to reassure customers and satisfy them; to seek the development of the company and create a famous brand in the industry.
Company goal: to create a comfortable office space for customers, to help customers rapid development
Company style: loyalty and dedication, unity and diligence; realistic and innovative, learning and development.
Quality policy: quality is life, customer-centered; the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement.
Environmental policy: effective control, pollution prevention; create green, environmental protection development; continuous improvement, everyone first.


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